JCCGrid - Guide to Reportable Incidents and Documentation.

Incident Reporting Challenge

When an offshore incident occurs, are you confident your personnel know which agencies are required to be notified within the required timeframe?

In a regulatory environment where lack of immediate and accurate reporting of incidents can lead to serious civil and criminal penalties and possible disbarment, it is essential for OCS Operators to notify the correct jurisdictional agencies within the required timeframe.

We know your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to search through the regulations every time you need to report an incident to BSEE, the USCG, EPA or other jurisdictional agencies.

Your Solution

JCC’s GRID Software is an all-in-one solution that lets you easily determine verbal and written reporting requirements for all types of incidents from OCS Platforms, MODUs, Pipelines and Vessels.

Managing incident reporting for OCS Operations has never been easier!

See how using JCCGrid will streamline incident reporting, reduce risk and keep your company in compliance.

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How It Works

Simply select the location, type of facility and type of incident, and GRID provides:

  • Verbal and written notification requirements to each agency
  • Timing
  • Contact Information
  • Report information
  • Forms
  • Links to actual regulations and NTLs